My name is Alfred Rogers Jr. or as everyone but my mom calls me AJ. I am 5 foot 11 inch male. I do not have a flat washboard stomach, but I am thin. Oh who am I kidding I do somewhat have a small gut but who doesn’t now a days. I can honestly say I am a video game nerd. So you can imagine what my sex life was like in school. Very very little action at all. I had a couple of girlfriends that’s about it. I was able to lose my virginity to a girl but that’s because she need a tutor CAD and couldn’t pay me any money so she offered to fuck me. What can I say I took her up on it because she was good looking, but enough about that.

Let me tell you about Amya Yoshida, one of my history professors. She was a stunning beautiful Japanese woman. About 5 foot, slim body that’s to die for, and the warmest personality anyone could ask for.
Japanese sexy lover
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By the time I was 25 years old, I had become very fascinated by all things Japanese. Japanese food, culture, and especially Japanese women. Although I had never dated one, I saw they were petite, exotic looking, well dressed and very feminine. No muscle women here. I realized if I wanted to get to know Japanese women I would have to go to Japan.
Japanese Teacher Looking Sex
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